Alacrity Stat – What Does it Do?

There’s been a ton of questions lately surrounding the Alacrity attribute in SWTOR: what exactly is alacrity, and what does it do. I’ve posted about SWTOR character stats before, in which I’ve mentioned the following:

Alacrity Rating – Decreases activation time for all abilities. This does NOT affect the global cooldown, and only reduces the time on casted abilities.

Basically, if you’re familiar with the Haste attribute from WoW, Alacrity is pretty much the same. From the latest testing by players, Alacrity does in fact appear to be reducing the global cooldown (GCD) as well, but it’s still unconfirmed.

To get a 1% reduction in ability cast time, you’ll need 25 alacrity rating. Note that alacrity rating is different that alacrity percentage!

So for example, +150 Alacrity Rating would give you 10% Alacrity, at least 50% more than a +75 relic could possibly give. Global Cooldown (if affected at all) would be reduced to 1.36 seconds from 1.5 seconds. If you get 20 alacrity at level 50 it would give you roughly 13% quicker ability cast time.

Some players say alacrity affects all global cooldowns, some say it only reduces GCD on spells that aren’t instant cast, and some players claim it doesn’t affect GCD at all. Hopefully someone will do the proper testing soon and we’ll find out how good alacrity really is.

If you have your own data to contribute with, be sure to post below!

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5 thoughts on “Alacrity Stat – What Does it Do?

  1. Please remove this bad information. You are assuming that the casting speed increase % is static across all levels. At level 50 it takes FAR more Alacrity for 10%. I’d give you an exact number but it’s a curved line due to diminishing returns.

  2. Ok… so if that is the case then what is the ‘Softcap’? (for when it begins to DR at max level cap).
    And secondly… what is the ‘Hardcap’? (for when it DRs @ 100% of extra points gained).

    More details/stats on character builds welcome…

  3. As a healing Scoundrel I read a website early on that suggested I should stack Crit and Surge. Three months later the same dude has changed his mind and now says Power and Alacrity (Cunning isa given). Does anyone really know? The clue may be in the Medic gear from Tionese, Columi and Black Hole comms? The emphasis changes as you get better gear. By the time you get BH gear, it suggests a blend of Power, Alacrity, Crit and Surge in equal measure?

  4. As far as I understand it, and I am an old WoW player that did quit the game because it was far too damn easy to do any raids… Alacrity rating is a little better on players in SWTOR than haste rating was in WoW.

    However just like Haste rating in WoW, Alacrity is a much better stat for Healers than anyone else. Reason for that is because for example I’ll use my Sith Sorc talents tree:
    Madness tree:
    Madness talent eliminates cooldown for force lightning so you can pew pew all the time as long as you are alive and as long as you have force.
    Wrath allows your FL to give you an instant cast with +damage for Crushing Darkness, and Lightning Strike, as a DPS those are invaluable abilities and getting an instant cast on CD is like a holiday.
    speed casting is really not a real advantage for DPS character if they have procs like that, cast speed is essential for healers instead, just like def rating is better for tanks and crit/surge for DPS. The stat everyone can be happy to get always is accuracy rating, which is pretty damn good to have more than less :)

    Alacrity is for Healers, end of story.

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